About Us

With its huge experience in the bathroom industry and market experience spreading over 50 countries, EBA BATHROOM is a company able to respond to its customers needs.

Our company is the producer of shower systems (hand showers, top showers, wall bracket systems, sliding systems, column shower systems) with very strong partnerships of Turkish bathroom producers. We work with the industry leading factories to produce high quality products for overseas markets. Our founding purpose is to spread Turkish labor, Turkish power and genuine Turkish quality to the world and give it the place it deserves in the world market with VALA.

We are starting a new movement with VALA. We believe we will rewrite the rules in the bathroom industry. We will be extremely delighted to offer you any product you need at the best price and highest quality.

The factories we work with have the certification for CE, ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and ISO18001 and meet the required standards for countries. You can be sure that we will have you enjoy the combination of real quality with real competitive conditions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to spread the most qualified, exclusive and competitive genuine manufacturers that operate in the bathroom industry to all over the world with the brand VALA.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction with high quality, employment and real competitive prices. We are not setting out only with product quality in mind. We form a new order of quality with VALA.